Monday, November 1, 2010

New SA Test Results

Hello All... Did the long over due SA test!! The results are better!!

Now it's 5% Rapid Linear (A group) and 10% Slow Linear (B Group). The immotile ones have reduced!!! The Sperm count is still a low though.

Thank you all who motivated me to do the test with DH. As usual I'm still like 'Yeah.. Yeah.. so we've got the goodies but where are the results!!' I know it’s a 'low sperm count' still..

For those of you suffering due to Azoospermia (or who have partners who have Azoospermia) and are reading this post and wishing they too had ‘just one sperm’ - let me tell you that I understand your pain, agony, anguish, sadness, loneliness, desperateness and fears going through your minds. I can’t do anything about it but I feel for you..

All the best to all !! which ever way you choose to cope with this problem.. please remember you have a friend out there who understands you. :)


Anonymous said...

hii ellen gr8 news dnt worry evrything will b alright dear :-))))))))))))))

Ellen said...

Thanks Anonymous (Nov 1)..

iloveloghomes said...

My husband has azoospermia. We have tried two unsussessful TESE/IVF cycles. Can you please send me infomration?

thank you!

my email is:

Ellen said...

Hi iloveloghomes

I understand you. Don’t worry! You are not alone. A lot of people who are visiting this blog have the same issue. We are coping with the same problem and want a solution.

Please read the previous posts of this blog. A lot of information is there in it about the Dr and diet she has given. I do not know about the medicine she gave because it is a herbal powder. I'm sorry I cannot send personal emails. If you need to clarify any point please ask me. I will comment on this blog.

Thanks and All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

Please tell the Dr to reply the email if you have meet her again. I had sent her email but nvr receive any reply. thx

Ellen said...

ok. i wont be meeting her soon but when i do i will tell her. now we space out the consultaion periods.

wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

Hay are you able to perceive or treatment is still going on?
I am suffering from same as your DH and plan to visit Sri Lanka during world cup and meet your doctor as well. Please advise.

Ellen said...


That's so cool!! Hope you made it and are also reading this while you are here.

Yes. My DH is taking treatment but now we see the Dr less frequently.

I am wondering if we should take a short cut and try something like IUI (hopefully) or IVF etc. For this we need to meet a Dr who does these stuff. Still not sure..


Ellen said...

Yes and i think its' best you see the Dr with whatever reports you have.

All the best!!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I think you should go for IVF/ICSI stuff.All they need is few handy and healthy sperms (less than 10 in count). And if that can be done without surgery, it is an achievement. When you go next time, can you please ask doctor if this is feasible for some patient to come out of Sri Lanka and get the medine at once (as i cannot regularly visit Sri Lanka).

Ellen said...


thanks. as far as i see it the treatement is a process.

she gives you medicine for a month, reviews the test results and then sometimes changes the medicine. she also stresses on the other types of massages and things like that.

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