Wednesday, September 15, 2010

correction - sorry

sorry - correction - 2% slow linears are there. Nil for rapid linear.


Another new result

Hi all

Thanks for all you great comments. this new SA result is was actually done in July. I was so tired i did not post the results. but since this may motivate others who would like to try Ayurveda for Azoospermia i will post it.

Sperm Count : 18 Million/ML (wow!! the WHO normal standard is more that 20 Million/Ml)

A few rapid linears have come - 2 % to be exact!! OK. but still 98% Immortile. Grr.. so .. yeah. i know i am supposed to be thrilled but OK.. so wheres the baby!! (sorry people.. i'm so tired of hoping)

Can some one who knows tell me what the minimum SA result for an IUI? i just dont want to go through the IVF or ICSI road. too stressful..

Tx.. All the best to all (and my self!!)