Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Drs Email Address


we met the Dr yesterday and she gave her new email address. It is



Anonymous said...


Thanks for the email but unfortunately she did't reply to me.

Jessica said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for creating this blog. My husband also has azoospermia with zero sperm count. We have tried western doctors and other herbal specialists. With no result. My husband even had a varicocelectomy in 2008 and still the condition did not improve. We then decided to take a risk and have IVF/ICSI, after a biopsy was done on my husband no sperm cells were found. Since I had already gone through the IVF preparation as well as the egg collection (which was done immediately before my husband's biopsy at the same hospital) my husband and I then decided to use a donor sperm. Everything went well until after my pregnancy test yesterday turned out to be negative because of failure of the embryo to implant. My husband and I have invested a lot emotionally and financially in our search for our own children. We'll certainly contact Dr Ayurveda.

Thanks again for this blog and GOD Bless.

Ellen said...

Hi Jessica

Thank you for sharing your story. i too was prepared for ICSI but like in your situation we did not find sperms. in my case since we did not opt for donor sperm they threw my eggs away!! agonising!!

i hope things work out for you. i understand the investing of emotionally and financially part. i too have invested with no results yet but still haven given up. hmm.. its crazy sometimes but that’s the way it is i suppose.

good luck to you and thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just have one question about the medicine power given by Dr.
Does it have some other side effects?What about the contents?Is it some standard and customized medicine?
I shall be visiting SL to see the Dr. in June as I have no other choice left. :(
Also, how much money should I bring? I emailed Dr. one month back but no reply. May be you can help please or ask Dr. about patient visiting from abroad. Thanks.

Ellen said...

Hi Anonymous

I'm not sure if the medicine has side effects or about its contents. I am also not very sure about the total cost it may take because there maybe hidden costs you may not know like traveling etc. we don’t see the dr frequently now, so i'm sorry i wont be able to ask her your questions soon.

I understand your frustration and desperation but I don’t think a baby is worth losing peace of mind. That’s my opinion!!

Maybe try counseling or something first and relax abit. After that when the pressure eases you can decide. All the best.

joni rana said...

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Ellen said...

hi joni rana

You'r welcome..

amit gupta said...

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