Wednesday, September 15, 2010

correction - sorry

sorry - correction - 2% slow linears are there. Nil for rapid linear.



Anonymous said...
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Ellen said...

Hi Simon

Sorry to hear you've got this issue. Please read my previous post to check out the diet our Dr gave my husband.

As for the medicine, I'm sorry I dont know what's in the herbal medicine. The Dr give a powder. My husband had to brew the powder i hotwater (like making tea) and drink it. So i'm afraid i dont know what the modicine is. She also gives

Himalaya Speman is a tablet he takes.

also a tablet called spermoton.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, thanks for the reply,
what is heaty fish,heaty fruits? I can't find any meaning on google. and please remove mine comment email above [I afraid there might a lot of spam], and the treatment on the magnet on foot. is it a foot massager to improve blood circulation? look forward to your reply.

Anonymous said...

also can I know what your husband FSH?

Ellen said...

Hi Anonymous. Will delete your previous comment.

‘heaty’ food means food that heats up your body. I suppose it's no big deal for normal people but since the male body has to be kept extra cool here, this is recommended.

Sea food (eg. prawns, cuttle fish etc) is considered heaty. Also certain types of fish such as English Name - ‘Skipjack tuna’ (scientific name ‘Katsuwonus pelamis’ ) and English Name - ‘yellowfin tuna’ (scientific name ‘Thunnus albacares’) is considered to be very heaty.

Also heaty fruits are pineapple, strawberries etc and vegetables like tomatoes, garlic is not good.

I don’t know if the magnet massager is an ordinary one of special one. The nurse rubs some green stuff (looks like they just took it out of a pond – you know green and slippery looking – sorry!) on DH s leg and even head and keeps this vibrating gadget. :)

His FSH was normal 5 years ago. The ayurveda dr does not bother to take a lot of tests like FSH. Therefore I’m not sure what his FSH is now.

Hope my answers were helpful. Will gladly answer more if you have any.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

thx you, your feedback help a lot.

Anonymous said...

have you try this

Ellen said...

Hi Annonymous

Thanks .. checked out the site. the conclusion i have come to is that alternative medicine has better cure for azoospermia that western medicine.

Ellen said...

Hi Annonymous .. i will delete your comment. sorry i cannt delete your email only because i cannot edit the post.

i dont know how she treats high FSH patients because she did not check my DH for FSH. The name and address of the DR is in a previous post please. the Dr does not speak English normally with us but i suppose she does know it. (not sure)

sorry i cannt send you a personal email with these answers. Hope you re-checked my blog to get the answers.

Tx. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi ellen,

Is this Dr you mention about?
How about the treatment cost?
Is it expensive?

Ellen said...


Yes the website you have shown is the lady Dr we are going to.

The treatment cost is relatively less comparing to western medical hospitals and treatment in Sri Lanka. I mean for an IVF/ICSI they take around Sri Lankan Rs. 6 - 8 lacks here. I think unto now (almost 1 1/2 years now since we started) to get a few sperms we would have spent around Sri Lankan Rs. 1 – 1.5 lacks. This includes consultancy, medicine and treatment. I have only seen Sri Lankans in her clinic. Not seen any foreigners yet.

Hope my answer helps.. Thanks

Ellen said...

1 lack = 100,000, by the way :)

Anonymous said...

I see, so
100,000.00 LKR = 895.897 USD
is this correct?
Anyway , thank for the info.

Ellen said...

yes. that's correct.

but unfortunately eventhough the Sperm count has increased abit, the quality is still very poor. She says not to get stressed but that not easy is it.

anyway considering that the western Dr's told us to adopt or use donor sperm, this is indeed a miracle.

Fertile Soul said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I am very interested to know about your continued progress and success.

Ellen said...

Hello Fertile Soul

Thanks for your interest. My heart sank when I went through your blog. My heart and head said 'No.. No''.. don’t make me become this. i think i haven’t still given up hope of having a biological child with my DH. I want to just scream and say “NO NO' – this can’t happen”. Gosh.. what have i done to deserve this? I’m probably still in the denial stage. How come X, Y and Z have kids so easily and we can’t. Thanks anyway.. glad you've come to the end of wanting a biological child and you are moving on... good for you'll and all the best.

Fertile Soul said...

Dear Ellen,

For me, i eventually learned how to live without children and gradually the pain became less. That, of course, doesnt mean i wouldnt still like to have biological children...i am just no longer convinced that all happiness on earth can be laid at the door of motherhood.

Having said that, i am inspired by your story because we have similar situations. And i'm glad that there actually are serious alternative med options out there which specifically target azoospermia. You have helped open my eyes to an area that's not addressed too often. Afterall, how many people out there suffer from azoospermia.

Don't be disheartened or give up. A normal healthy couple needs one year of trying to conceive before doctors begin to question whether subfertility is involved. So, once your husband's count comes up closer to a normal range, you will still need to give nature time to run it's course. If you become overly anxious or overly impatient with this long process that requires an abundance of patience, you may further delay your chances of conception because of stress.

You're in a wait period. In this time, find other healthy outlets for creative expression. Also, giving/doing charity is a good way to distract yourself from the situation.

Regarding options you mentioned earlier, personally i fully regret doing ivf with icsi for many reasons. The ivf drugs, in my experience, have long lasting effects on the body. And so does the icsi procedure.

If the count continues to increase, AI seems more appropriate. No need to rush to drastic measures. But this is where prayer and patience will see you through.

God bless.

Ellen said...

Hello Fertile Soul

Thank you so much for you kind words and motivation. Will post if anything new happens !!

Thank you and God bless you too.

Anonymous said...

hii ellen

dnt loose HOPE dear :-))))))))
when the spermcount was zero u decided 2 go for alternative i mean ayurveda now the count has increased u r loosing hope, be STRONG dear sooner or may be after a yr u shall have many kidz :-) tc bye

Ellen said...

Dear Anonymous
(Oct 22)

Your words are like gold!! I couldn’t have heard anything better this morning!!

You are absolutely correct. My husband has lost hope 99% .he is fed up of it. i have lost hope 98%. I’m a bit better than him.

In our hearts we have yearned and yearned and hoped and now we are like two tired boxes. just panting away!!

Anyway, A BIG THANK YOU to you.. I know you are right. After all this - i think we can try abit more. I will..

We have to take another SA but we are blaming work and other commitments and not doing it.

OK.. Thank you a million times..

All the best..

Deepa lakshmi said...

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