Monday, June 7, 2010

Lonely.. I'm so Lonely .....

So lonley.. I'm so lonely..
when i think of what i want.. and not getting it ..
I just celebrated my b'day... I'm getting older....
will i ever become a biological mother ..... ever ?
Why me? why me? why me?
why us? why us? why us..


Anonymous said...

I just got to this website , trying to serch some info on Dr.Dayani for a female fertality issue. She is wonderful n helped my wife.

I would like to recommend Dr. Susantha who runs a Male Fertility Ayurvedic Clinic in Pagoda Road Nugegoda ( closer to Niromi shopping mall ) who helped me. In 6 months I became a father and it was not difficult to take the medicine - needed to cut down on weight ( walks in the mornning ) - avaoid stress situations - keep myself cold by showers 2 times a day - no booze n smoking - very small cost - Most of all some divine help n prayers ( who is the deciison maker ).Ureka ! we have a cute baby boy. hope this helps and you also enjoy the patenthood soon - which is beyond any happyness. Regards - Happy Happy
( OFC this is not my name )

P.s. Did I say that we both skipped eating read meat ( beef/mutton/pork )

Ellen said...

Hello Annonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am happy for you. I do hope all Sri Lankans like us will share our stories on how we battled infertility. As in our case we are still hoping , praying and trying. Can i know if you had Azoospermia pls?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Did u face azoospermia before going to Dr.Susantha.

Pls reply

Anonymous said...

Hai Ellen,

wish u good luck.

Can i have Dr.Dayani mail id Pls.

we are from india and how much time we need to spend in srilanka for this treatment.

Any idea Pls share as this problem hurting many couples

Ellen said...

Hi Anonymous - written on Sept 3rd.

Dr. Dayani does not have a mail address I know. Unfortunately this place is not a 'typical' hospital type of place but more or less like a small home based clinic. Most nurses don’t speak English. There is no large rooms, facilities etc. I will be going to see her in may be 3 weeks time. then i can ask her if she has one. I'm sorry I cant get the email address now.

As for the time duration. According to the above post by anonymous (Aug 20) who went to Dr Susantha it took 6 months. not sure if he had Azoospermia. My husband who had it is still taking treatment. We are now going there for almost 1 ½ months. He’s count has gradually increased but wse are still stuck with no baby. So it will be hard to say the duration I think. Depends on the person I suppose.

Anything more you want to know please ask. Will be more than happy to help. I’m sorry about the hurting part. I know how it feels. I’m sorry to all who have this problem.


Ellen said...

sorry correction - we have been going for 1 1/2 years now!!!