Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Results of the Semen Analysis Test !!

Hi All

Did a Semen Analysis Test yesterday. The sperm count has risen to 14 ML!! Yipee... Still the quality of the sperms is not very good though... Anyway.. what a slow and painful process this is. Still taking Ayurveda treatment. Met the Dr. yesterday. She gave herbal medicine for another two months.


naheed said...

Hi Ellen
My brother was told he has azoospermia about three years ago now. No reason was found after all the tests.

That is good news on the improved SA. I will pass on info to my brother about the ayurveda treatment. I would like to stay in touch as our journeys are similar, I can understand what your going through.

Ellen said...

Hi naheed

Thanks. Glad that you found the info. useful. Please feel free to ask me anything related to this topic. I will try to answer with my experience. There is an obvious improvement in my husband’s semen but I am waiting so much for the Grand finale!! (to get pregnant!!) All the best to your brother.

Anonymous said...

Hi thr.. Im saddend by the fertility result that my dear husband is facing, Azoospermia n wud like very much conceived naturally n looking for sources for this cure..

miss sad=(

Ellen said...

Hello miss sad

I'm sorry to hear you are facing the same prob. as me. Please go through my posts. My husband is taking Ayurveda treatment and there is an improvement. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

May i know where u had the ayurverda treatment?? Thanks.. And how long is the treatment??

Miss Sad

Anonymous said...

hii ellen thats gr8 news!!!INSHA ALLAHA whose husbands have been diagosed with AZOSPERMIA shall become proud parents one day ameen sum ameen !!!!!!

Ellen said...

Hi Miss Sad. Cheer up!! This is a reality we must face.

The Ayurveda Dr is :
Dr. Dayani Siriwardane, Osuki Ayurveda, No 117/1, Buthgamuwa Road, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. Tel : + 94 (0)114 906 962

We started the treatment around April 2009. So it has taken us 1 year to get a few sperms!! I think Ayurveda medical treatment is like this. It’s not quick like western medicine. I have given details of her treatment in my previous posts in this blog.

Hi Anonymous.. Thanks for your wishes and prayers. I hope all couples with infertility issues who yearn for their own babies will one day get them.

Anu Verma said...

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joni rana said...

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