Friday, November 13, 2009

Infertility Anguish

did another sperm analysis test. this time the count had gone down to 1.2 Million. The Dr said it could be stress, not sticking to the diet etc. Hmmm... infertility anguish. i suppose this is what it is.


Nitrile Gloves said...

If the sperm count is lower than normal, there is a chance of infertility. That's why you should be careful about the symptoms.

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Ellen said...

Hi Nitrile Gloves

thanks for your comment. yes my DH has been diagnosed as infertile and we are trying to make him fertile!!

Infertilityblogger said...

Hi Ellen,

glad to see you are chonicliing your journey too. If you get the microscope, please consider posting the data / trends.

What you posted is consistent with what I've been experiencing in my tests.

Zero to 30% motility and back again in 2-3 weeks. I'm all over the map.

No Rhyme, no reason. Knowing it takes 70 days to produce a crop, this doesn't really jibe with how sperm grow.

From what I've read, ejaculate is from 3 different sources which contribute their part- and only 1 of those is inserting the swimmers. So there might be an issue on that front. While I guess that would technically be a blockage, I'm wondering if there is an issue in getting the sperm from the testes into the ejaculate.

I do think stress has something to do with this step I just mentinoed, I'm not a big believer in the herbal route, but I've wondered whether accupunture could help trigger something.

Ellen said...

Thanks for your comments Infertilityblogger.

I sure will post the trends if we get a microscope and do the testing. Also thanks for the handy tips.

in your blog i made a comment under the post 'Clomid - I'm here to pump you up'. Can you please give a reply to it.

Wishing you the best.

Wallace said...

I have experienced the pain of being a infertile male and having to deal with the shock of being told it was virtually impossible for me to father a child naturally. After a lot of lifestyle changes I eventually managed to improve my low sperm count and quality to the level where I was able to become a father not once but twice. Never give up...!

Ellen said...

Wow.. Wallace.. Your advice is timely. Tomm. we have to take a sperm count test and i have alomst given up hope. It is very painful to keep hoping and hoping , realising that my fertility years are fading. Thank you for your kind words and congrats to you...