Monday, November 2, 2009

Details of the Dr we went to

The Dr we went to is:

Dr. Dayani Siriwardane, Osuki Ayurveda, No 117/1, Buthgamuwa Road, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. Tel : + 94 (0)114 906 962 Fax : + 94 (0)112 792 394

We’ve been going to her only for some months now but as I see there are 3 main components in the treatment.

1.Herbal powder is given. It has to be mixed in hot water and taken every morning and night. Extra vitamin capsules are also given.

2.Special diet includes the following:
1.Sour fruits (Lime, Orange etc) every day,
2.Quail (a bird) Eggs
3.Mung Dhal (soaked and later with roots coming out)
4.Cardiospermum halicacabum (Scientific Name) herb juice extract (can take the leaves and grind in a grinder and mix with cooked rice and eat as a porridge)
5.Quail meat
7.Phaseolus mungo (Scientific Name) - black gram mixed food – Found in many Indian food.
8.Vegetables, green leaves
AVOID Artificial Food, cooking Garlic with food, cooking tomatoes with food.
(Used the net to find the Scientific Names !!!)

3.Every week DH has to go to the clinic to get a massage on the head. They use herbs and special oils to massage him. The Dr said that is to stimulate the pituitary glands. They also sometimes make him sit and stand on a ‘special magnet’ (that’s what they call it) and it vibrates.

We see the Dr. every month and she reviews the treatment.

So that’s what happened. Before we went to her (and for the last 5 years) DH’s sperm count was always zero. After the treatment he was asked to take the sperm analysis test and it was 7.9 ML. I was so thrilled. He has 100% abnormal sperms unfortunately. We’ll have to continue the treatment to see how it goes.


Mohammed said...

You are doing a great Job, Ellen. Keep it up :). May Allah fulfill all the people dreams who genuinely wants to conceive.

Ellen said...

Hi Masood

Thanks for the motivation and kind words. i wish you the best.

Ellen said...

To All Sri Lankans who may view this site:

Phaseolus mungo (Scientific Name) -black gram – means ulundu.

Cardiospermum halicacabum Scientific Name) herb – means ‘Welpenela’ leaves

Herbal Product said...

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Ellen said...

Thanks for your input Herbal Product. :)

Anonymous said...


my husband is also suffering frm azospermia kindly share the diet plan n also wht else needs 2 b avoided.

Anonymous said...


my husband is suffering frm azospermia n i heard that curd ,kadhi n buttermilk also needs to b avoided pliz let me know abt this frm u r doctors .

i shall b really grateful 2 u guys

Ellen said...

Hi Anonymous

She told to avoid

1. artificial food eg sausages, sauce
2. sea food (prawns)and heaty fish
3. pineapple, garlic , tomatoes and heaty fruits
4. viniger
5. caffaine
6. white sugar
7. oily food
8. soya
9. ash plantain (a type of banana)

i have mentioned the food he can eat in my post.

i will ask her about curd.

what do you mean by 'kadhi n buttermilk'? i dont understand.

Tx and all the best.

Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

hi again.

He was also told not to smoke and take alcohol and not to bath in hot water.

he was told to reduce weight and
wear cotton underpants.

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for the quick reply!!

kadhi is prepared using curd especially gujrati's make that n buttermilk is made out of curd by adding water n little bit of salt.

let me know if u understand TAMIL i can translate that in tamil.

can he have soya MILK ?pliz let me know abt this also

thanks ,

Ellen said...

Hi. You'r most welcome.

I know a little bit of tamil. :) i suppose if kadhi is made of curd and if curd is bad, then kadhi is bad too !!

Will ask about the other food stuff and let you know.


zaynab said...

Hi. does your husband suffer from obstructive azzospermia or non obstructive azoospermia. My husband suffers from non obstructive azoospermia with high FSH so i dont know if he will get benefit from those herbs.
thank you

Ellen said...

Hi Zaynab

He has non obstructive azoospermia. His FSH is normal.


zaynab said...

Thanks for the quick reply. Have you done TESE and where did u do it?
Do we have to travel to Sri Lanka to see the doctor or we can contact her by phone.

Ellen said...

Hi Zaynab

We did TESA/ICSI (it was not TESE) over a year ago in a clinic in Sri Lanka. The drs did not find any sperms - but i seriously doubt the ability and capabilities of those drs. who did the TESA, so it was bad luck for us i feel. They retrieved over 20 eggs from me but threw it all away because we did not opt for donor sperm. so it was a shocking and heart breaking experience for me.

No. this Dr does not give treatment over the phone.

My husband’s sperm count has still not come to the expected level. Will submit a new post if there is any new development.


Anonymous said...

hey ellen did u ask the doctor regarding whether azospermia patients can have curd or dahii or thair(in tamil) or moore(in tamil) in thier diet?

Anonymous said...

hey ellen do u have the list of heaty fruits n veggies if so kindly share that also i shall b grateful

more over i want to know whether ayurvedic medicines have side effects or nt?


Ellen said...

hi Anonymous

i havent forgotton you.i wanted to get the answers and write to you.

i went to the Dr yesterday and wanted to ask her your ques .. and then i COMPLETELY forgot. i'm soo sorry.

i will ask her next week and tell you. i understand that some communities eat curd stuff alot. i will definitely ask her and let you know.

heaty fruits and veggies. will do some research and tell you.

according to Ayurveda medicine it is side effect free because they use natural hurbs. hope they are right!!


Anonymous said...

hi ellen

thanks for the reply !!! do ask u r doctor abt curd n let me know eagerly waiting for u r reply

tc thanks

Ellen said...

hi Anonymous

The Dr said that curd is OK to be consumed.


Anonymous said...

hii ellen wanted 2 ask u
-->for azospermia patients if the fsh level is within the range then that means there is a possibility of sperm production in them?

Ellen said...

Hi Anonymous. With my experience, my husband's FSH is normal, but his sperm count was zero until we started Ayurveda.

Not sure if there is a medical explanation to this.

K Suresh said...

Can you provide the doctor's address and phone number. I too suffer from azoospermia, desperate to get treated.

Please help. My email id is

Biplob said...

does the doctor of sri-lanka have an wesite? if yes, then please do provide me that.


Ellen said...

her website is:

All the best


Anonymous said...

hi Ellen,

i'm new to this blog. I'm from Malaysia. my husband facing azoospermia problem. We have failed ICSI treatment although sperm found. May i know how much it cost for the treatment with recommended Dr

Ellen said...

Hello Anonymous (25 Nov)

Glad you found this site. I too went through an ICSI treatment a few years ago. They did not find any sperms by doing the TESA but they prepared me for ICSI. Later they threw away all my eggs because we did not opt to use donor sperm. It was a awful. Too bad your ICSI didn’t work out. Don’t worry though, everything happens for the best. So that was not the time for it to happen.

The treatment cost is relatively less comparing to western medical treatment (i.e. IVF, ICSI etc) in Sri Lanka. Roughly up to now (almost 1 1/2 years now since we started), to find a few sperms we would have spent around Sri Lankan Rs. 150,000/= . This includes consultancy, medicine and treatment. (150,000.00 LKR = 1,348.31 USD)

But the treatment time may differ according to person to person I think. This is because body types are different.

All the best.. Tell me if you need to know more...

Anonymous said...

Hello Ellen,

Do you have a private email?